iPhone 6 Release Date And Features

iPhone 6 Release Date

The iPhone 5 release date has yet to even be announced and people are already talking about the iPhone 6. It seems Apple doesn’t even have to worry about marketing as much because of how viral their releases are becoming. It’s almost like a competition for many people to see who can find the release dates and new features of the new upcoming iPhones first. It’s like gossip at a high-school, everyone wants in on it and everyone wants know first. Well here we have the iPhone 6 release date that we are talking about, but what do we even know?

At this point, there is very little information on the iPhone 6 release date. With no official release date for the iPhone 5 it only makes sense. The iPhone 6 could be years away especially considering Apple loves to throw these ‘S’ launches in between each major release. We have to also keep in mind that there may not even be an iPhone 6 release, what if Apple decides to name it something else like the iPhone X or iPhone Z. There is just no way of being able to predict these things with Apple as they have become quite good at keeping this kind of information private. Except for the fact one of their employees left their beta iPhone 4 in a bar which was found, dismantled, examined and documented all over the Internet.

Now that Apple no longer has the most influential man in mobile technology history, Steve Job’s, there is no telling the direction their company is going to take. Come time for the iPhone 6 release date Apple may not be the same company they are now. The iPhone 6 release could be half the success the iPhone 4 was, you just never know.

When do you think the iPhone 6 release date will be? Feel free to leave a comment below to discuss. If we go by the average time between iPhone releases, then history would tell us to expect the iPhone 6 release date to be around September 2013 if all things go according to plan.

iPhone 6 features

OK, so there is next to no information on the iPhone 6 release date, what about the iPhone 6 features? Well sorry to disappoint, but there isn’t much on that front either. Aside from the usual increase in memory, processor capabilities, improved iOS and new apps it’s hard to predict what they might have up their sleeve. There are rumors of a holographic keyword that projects out from the phone onto a surface much like a projector on a screen. It would project things like a full sized keyboard that you could type on. There will obviously be many new ground-breaking features with the release of the iPhone 6, at least we hope! It’s just a matter of when, and then trying to get one on the release date.

What iPhone 6 features would you like to see added? Feel free to discuss in the comments below. You never know, Apple may come and read some and implement them.

I would personally love to see them implement that holographic projectile keyboard, an HDMI out, and more importantly a vastly improved performance upgrade emphasizing on video graphics, memory and cpu aspects to allow for mobile gaming to go to the next level with increased poly counts, and calls.

Here’s hoping for the best with the iPhone 6 release.

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