Best Protein Shakes For Weight Loss, Women, Men And More

In today’s world, life has turned into a “Show-Biz”, and no matter what your occupation is, people have to make sure that they are presentable. For this reason, they employ so many new-age methods, like cardio exercise, aerobics, muscle-building programs, skin polishing, and many other things. Funny thing is, while they engage themselves into these things, they forget the most essential trick, not to just “look” healthy, but actually “be” healthy. A nutrient-enriched diet is the best way to achieve health, and when we talk of nutrients, what else could be more nutritious than protein?

One of the most popular and easiest methods to be well endowed with protein is consuming the best protein shake. However, before we get into discussing various protein shake brands or easiest home-made recipes for protein shakes, we must be aware about why protein is such a good nutrient. The factors that make protein such a “mega-star” amongst nutrients are as follows,

  • It increases lean muscle mass
  • It helps in muscle repair and recovery
  • It’s a rich source of amino acid and leucine
  • It increases metabolism and helps in fat loss
  • It maintains a healthy immune system
  • It stabilizes blood glucose level

Since proteins are the key nutrients that play major role in the response to the exercise, and consuming protein-rich food may not be always possible due to various factors, such as cost, time, or storage, one form of its consumption is considered best…Protein Shake! It is so, since it’s easy to make, it serves as an instant resource of high protein, and you don’t really have to depend upon a variety of foods to get enough protein. Just a one glass of a protein shake, and your muscle and energy loss after a workout is immediately reinstated.

There are various protein shake brands, like Whey and Isagenix, are extremely popular, since they come in various kinds made to serve unique needs and requirements of the consumer. For instance, some types are used to gain weight and muscle (for body builders), whereas some types are used to lose weight and stay lean (for athletes). One has to define his needs and consume the specific protein shake as per his requirements.

Nevertheless, the shakes do not necessarily have to be bought in exchange of big bucks (most of the quality protein shakes are really expensive), but can be made at home. It is made at home by blending some natural protein source, like Soy or Whey, in the skimmed milk. You can add your desired flavor or fruit pieces into it to add a distinct taste to it.

However, one must remember unless you have some outlet to your calories or do not have access to the balanced diet, you do not really need protein supplement, because protein shakes add 800-1200 calories a day, and if they are not burned even the best protein shake will have the worst adverse effects on your body.

Best Protein Shakes For Weight Loss

Protein shakes have been largely associated with body-building and energy restoration. They are more often looked at as muscle-building supplements. Nonetheless, protein shakes are of different types and serve different purposes. If consumed without knowing their end-results, one might end up achieving exactly opposite of what he/she was intending for. This is particularly imperative for those, who are trying to shed few kilos, and after religiously consuming protein shakes may end up gaining more rather than losing weight. Fortunately, there are special protein shakes for weight loss available in the market and can also be made at home.

First it is important to know that protein shakes must not replace each and every of your meals. The best time to consume any protein shake is in the morning. It can also be taken right after the workout. The reason is that after almost eight hours of fasting (sleep) or a couple of hours of workout body needs to restore, repair, and rebuild the energy, and during these times proteins are best assimilated by your body.

Some protein shakes for weight loss are made based on the theory that building muscle mass is vital for weight loss as well, because it keeps unwanted pounds at bay. This is why a high-protein diet is many times recommended for overweight people. It helps them lose 4-5 pounds every month. However, this is also subjected to the consumption of low-calorie diet, avoidance of cola/fizzy drinks, and regular exercise.

A good and quick way to get a good amount of protein into a weight loss plan is making shakes from scratch. Let’s see how we can make an effective protein shake for weight loss at home.

  • Get a good quality protein powder. Whey is considered one of the best protein powders in the market. However, make sure to buy the specific Whey product that is designed to lose weight. If you are vegan or have a lighter budget, you can replace protein powder with Soy and Rice protein.
  • Select a liquid base. It can be plain water, milk, fruit-juice, Soy milk, etc.
  • Get some fruit to add fibers to your protein shake. It keeps you full for longer period of time and slows down the digestion process. Ultimately it results in less calorie-consumption during the day.
  • Mix these components together, and add coconut oil to it. Coconut oil has medium chain fatty acids that crank up the body’s metabolism. You can also just throw in some shredded coconut.
  • Add yogurt to this mixture. Yogurt is known for not only for its rich protein source, but also is low on glycemic index and contains calcium that facilitates fat loss.
  • Blend this mixture well and drink your home-made protein shake for weight loss.

Best Protein Shakes For Women

Protein shakes for women are made from the protein powders having high amount of protein and is taken along with water. They are the supplements or the high protein diets which can use by mixing with water or milk. Proteins are converted into amino acids by the metabolism present in our body. They help in increasing the muscle mass and also help in repair and wear and tear of the damaged tissues. Hence protein supplements provide proteins and ultimately amino acids usually used by men for muscle building purposes. Protein shakes are also available for women but they are costly. The uses of protein shakes in women are dependent on how the built of the woman is.

The Protein shakes for women are important form of supplements since the human body cant store proteins. For a person who exercises daily it is essential that the person takes care of the muscles after the exercise. Generally it is taken by men who want to build their muscles. It can also be used by women. If the woman is overweight and she is lifting weights in gym, she should take protein supllements for the repair of the muscles which are torn. It will rebuild the muscle and the woman would perform more exercises and eventually help in losing the weight. Protein shakes of both weight losing and weight gaining are available, so the ones suitable for the person should be bought.

Protein shakes are available in combination with carbohydrates and fats. It may contain only protein or a mixture of carbohydrates with a little amount of proteins and fats. The soy and the whey proteins present in the supplements are found out to be easily absorbable by the human body than the ones in the natural food products. In case of weight loss, two meals in the day should be replaced with intake of protein supplements. It enhances your ability to burn more calories than without the intake of the supplements. While taking the supplements care should be taken the carbohydrate diet should be appropriate and intake fried fatty foods and creamy foods. A woman’s body should also consume carbohydrates for obtaining energy.  Intake of proteins shakes having more protein and less fats and carbohydrates helps the body to burn the stored fat in the body and helps in weight loss.

There are some protein supplements available to gain body weight without increasing the body fat. They have high amount of proteins and carbohydrates. They are the supplements derives from the whey, egg and the milk. They are found to be apt proteins supplements for women because they get converted to proteins which are suitable to the body. One thing should be kept in mind that while having such proteins for gaining weight, muscle strengthening workout should also be performed.

Protein shakes for women which contain high protein, fat and low protein can prove harmful to the woman if taken in high amounts, because body will use muscle tissue for energy due to lack of adequate carbohydrates. Absence of fiber in the diet can lead to bowel disorders. They can cause problems in patient with diabetes. Consumption of protein supplements may increase the loss of calcium and lead a condition called osteoporosis which is nowadays commonly seen in women.

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